About us

We are a family of 4 South Africans who have embarked on a new adventure – living and cruising aboard a catamaran. After always living in a house, we packed up our belongings and moved aboard our newly acquired yacht in Mooloolaba (Australia). We spent a year testing the waters, finding our sea-legs and preparing the boat, and were then ready to head off into the big blue.


Marco (Dad) is the skipper, and has spent a very substantial portion of his life in the ocean – primarily on a surfboard, but more recently on a yacht in the rough seas of Cape Town. He was involved in building and running a boat charter in Indonesia in his single years, and has always dreamed of returning one day on his own boat, with his family.


Julie (Mom) does not have saltwater in her veins, but is open to new experiences and ways of living life. Her passion is her family, and believes that travelling and interacting with nature and people from different countries and walks of life will be enriching for her boys and the family as a whole.



Noah is 12 years old, and loves drawing and designing boats and aeroplanes. He was the one who found our yacht on the internet and convinced Dad to take a look – and it earned the name, “Noah’s Ark”. He enjoys surfing, has a passion for aeroplanes, and designing and inventing things.

Joshua is 10 years old, and loves learning, reading, playing games and chatting with everyone he meets. He is an avid surfer and snorkeller, and has a particular fondness for sea turtles.


“Noah’s Ark” is a 42.5 ft Grainger catamaran, built in 2010. She was well loved and cared for by her previous owners, and we are thrilled to have her as our new home. Spiritually, Noah’s ark was a place of testing, but also a place of refuge – and ultimately an instrument through which God’s purpose was carried out. We expect that we will face a number of testing situations – indeed, we have had to adjust our lifestyle and expectations in many ways already, but trust that our ark will provide refuge and safety through life’s storms. Most importantly, we hope that our journey will be used for a greater purpose.