What the boys thought about Kupang


This is what Josh had to say:

The people in Kupang are really kind and generous. They are always willing to help. An Indonesian took us in his taxi to all the places we needed to go to one day. In the taxi he was always joking and laughing with everyone. Another Indonesian, called Lambertos, watched our dinghy, which we had pulled up the beach, for two or three hours for us, when we were at the market.

Indonesians always have time for you. In a taxi, the driver taught us a bit of Indonesian for a while. When you walk down the street, you meet Indonesians who can chat to you for hours and teach you new things about Indonesia. On our first day in Kupang, someone came up to our boat. We chatted with him for a long time, and he taught us a bit of Indonesian. He also told us that he would help us with customs, immigration and quarantine.

Kupang also has a good vibe. When you go in the town you see stalls on the side of the road, night markets, motorbikes, taxis with people hanging out of them, trucks with people on the roof and small villages. It may sound chaotic, but it actually isn’t. The cars drive slowly and when a car gets in another car’s way, they give a friendly hoot and it moves.

The Indonesians are always smiling and happy. Some teenagers came on board and we joked, laughed and chatted for ages. A couple times we got smoothies from a shop and chatted to the happy, jolly cashier for ages. Wherever you walk everyone is smiling. Overall we had a fun and eventful time at Kupang!

This is how our friends arrived
We learnt a lot of Bahasa Indonesia from these guys

These were some of Noah’s thoughts:

The food was really good, and really tasty. We went to a pasar malam (night market) and had nasi goreng and chicken. We also had really yummy smoothies – buah naga (dragon fruit) and another really yummy fruit which I can’t remember what it’s called. My favourite food that we had in Kupang was a tender juicy chicken soup with crispy skin and vegetables, and the flavour was so strong and tasty! And it only cost $1.30 for a whole bowl of soup.

What was really funny in Kupang, was that Josh and I were like celebrities, or famous film stars, to all the Indonesians. For example, the first thing some teenage girls asked us when we met them at Teddy’s Bar (a small bar and market) was: “Can we have a photo with you?” We didn’t want to be rude, so we said okay. All three girls took turns in taking photos with us one after each other. Another example, was at an iPhone shop when we were getting internet. All the workers at the shop wanted A LOT of selfies with Josh and I. Again, we didn’t want to be rude, but they wanted at least 9 or 10 selfies with each worker. Not to mention this one ladytook 10 billion selfies with Josh and I at every single angle possible! 0 degrees, 45 degrees, 50, 90, 120, 300, the lot. We were thinking about charging 10 000 Rupiah ($1, or R10) per selfie, since we were the top dudes around town!

The boats at Kupang were like small ketches without a mast. Every boat was a different colour, and the engines had to be hand cranked to start them, and when the boat was going, it made a putt-putt sound. I thought a helicopter with pontoons was landing next to where we were anchored every time a boat came past. The boats usually have a deck and a little cabin at the back. They are called “longboats”.

Kupang was a really fun place, but I think I might have a bit more fun in Nembrala at Rote island where we can finally surf. But by the time you read this, we would have already surfed for ages and ages. HOORAY!

Noah chilling in Kupang




2 thoughts on “What the boys thought about Kupang

  1. Irmgard Mitchell

    Thanks boys for your interesting impressions so far. Hope those girls don’t kidnap you, now that you seem to be celebrities! Today it’s World Cat Day I believe. Extra thoughts for Bazz-pants & Moffat please. It was great “hearing” from you. Keep the news coming ……. Love & blessings. Granny

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