An Amazing Start to our Adventure – Josh

Everybody who hasn’t sailed on boats think it’s ‘glamorous’ to sail on one. It is … to a point. If you want to know why, read my story!

Everybody was getting really excited just before the start of our trip. Finally after a year of hard, endless preparation we were ready! We sailed out of the marina and into the ocean. We all felt fine sitting at the bow (front) of our boat. As we went inside … aaarrgggghh! I felt seasick. So did everybody else (except for Paul and Rob, who were helping us up to Indo).

My mom was the first to give in. After a while all I could see her doing was leaning off the stern of our boat (the back) and puking. Then Paul told her to go to bed, for it helps a lot. Suddenly I felt like puking. I ran straight to my bed and lay down, hoping it wouldn’t come. My mouth started to get watery and then … thank heavens! The puke had gone away! I still felt really queasy though. I went to my mom’s bed and lay down. Meanwhile my dad and Noah were taking turns puking. Noah lay on the cockpit seats and slept there. So I was the only one who didn’t puke on the first day (other than Paul and Rob)!

Next morning I still felt queasy. I nibbled a cracker (I hadn’t eaten any supper the night before). Unfortunately I finally puked! I puked the entire cracker out! Now the whole family had puked!

What an amazing start to our adventure!

Two days later I could finally eat!

2 thoughts on “An Amazing Start to our Adventure – Josh

  1. Rod Macleod

    There are few things worse than sea-sickness. I used to take ‘Marzine’, which just made you sleepy as well as sick. ‘Stugeron’ (originally developed for inner ear infections and only accidentally discovered to be good for sea-sickness – it was used by UK troops in the Falklands War) is pretty effective; well worth a try. The best preventative is to be at the helm (although Arthur Ransome recommended tying a piece of bacon fat to a length of string, swallowing it, then pulling it back up again….)


    • jamvalentini

      Oh wow, not sure I’d like to try the bacon trick – although it can’t feel much worse than what else is coming up. I’ve heard Stugeron is good – not available in Australia unfortunately. I’m hoping that we’ve found our sealegs now, as we won’t be able to rely on medication for an extended period of time.

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