2 Lucky Catches – by Noah

If you wanted to know how to be a bad fisherman, give us a call. We’ve done some pretty stupid things when we were fishing: I’ve entangled 200m of fishing line when I was trying to cast really well, and when we were trawling when we were sailing to Lady Musgrave island, we caught a fish, but it snapped the line because it was too short. Our cousin also accidentally cast our line at the Mooloolaba marina, and it landed straight onto a grumpy old man’s boat. As you can see, or read, we aren’t the most experienced fishermen. We have trawled for 2 days non-stop, and caught nothing.

On our way to Darwin, we decided to stop for a day at Port Clinton.

One of the bays in Port Clinton

On our way to Port Clinton, we heard, and saw the fishing rod being pulled away. Rob shouted: “A fish, we caught a fish!” We all rushed to the rod thinking: “Finally, we’ve actually got one.” But just as we got there, the fish had pulled the whole line off the rod. That was the second tie that had happened. Our Dad had another “fit of anger.” Now we had lost both our good lures and lines, and the fish was going to die.

Hours later we were getting closer to Port Clinton. This time, there was a tugging on the squid hand reel. Our Dad pulled the line in. A BIG SKIPJACK TUNA! Now we have finally, and actually caught a fish. Because we were getting really close to Port Clinton, our Dad had to navigate us into the inlet. So Rob cut the fish and took all it’s guts and intestines out while I sat tacking pictures of it.

That night we had fried Skipjack Tuna steaks and fried rice. It was good to taste the fresh fish we had caught. After Port Clinton, we would sail to the Whitsunday’s for a couple days. It would take us 2 days to get there.

Next morning, we had our hand reels out with a green squid lure. Then suddenly there was a big tugging on the reels. Paul pulled It in … A big struggling Yellowfin tuna was stuck in the hook. There was blood everywhere. This time Paul took all the insides out.

That was so lucky, 2 fish in 3 days! That night we had big fillets in a curry. That was so good. The fish seem to like our green squid lure. We are hoping to catch more fish, and I think we will, on our way to Darwin and then to Indo…


4 thoughts on “2 Lucky Catches – by Noah

  1. Wayne

    Wow, those are pretty amazing catches. The curried fish must have been delicious. I have only had curried fish out of a can back in South Africa- hated it. Americans don’t eat curried fish, so it brought back good memories for me and wish I could have tasted your curry. I enjoyed the fishing blog.


  2. cind1234

    Jules always incredible to read your guys blog and catch up on the travels and hardships and good times etc etc – just love it! So glad you caught fish – yummy! Lots of love to you guys – super stoked you got guys helping sail – enjoy and a loads of love to you guys XxxxxX


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