The positives and negatives of living on a boat – by Josh

Living on the boat is such fun because you can go sailing whenever you like! It’s also much cosier than a house. You can fish off the boat and you can SUP any day you like. When we go sailing, we see lots of sea creatures. We’ve seen heaps of jellyfish and dolphins! Our cousins are also very near us, so we can see them very often. When we used to see them, after a while we would go. When we went, we said “See you next year!” But now we say “See you next week!”.

Things that may be a bit bad are things like you have to go to the marina toilet every time you need a poo. You also can’t braai , which a South African always does. We always have to switch lights off when we’re done with them, and I sometimes forget. When you jump off the boat onto the marina jetty, you have to time the jump correctly, or you fall in the water. I accidentally timed it wrong,and fell in! I had 9 scrapes that were all bleeding! The boat is smaller than a house, so there isn’t as much space. There’s also not as much food, and I get really hungry sometimes.

Its been such fun living on the boat so far. The positives definitely outweigh the negatives. And after reading this, my mom has promised to make more food!


One thought on “The positives and negatives of living on a boat – by Josh

  1. Rosalie Tomlinson

    Hi Julie, Marco, Noah and Joshua! I was thrilled to receive the link to your blog and to be able to catch up with what you have been doing in QLD. I love the name! It sounds like you are having an amazing time and experiences. The cat looks very roomy and homely…living the dream 🙂 I look forward to reading your next post and sharing with Room 4. We all miss you. Mrs T.


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